As Crown Point welcomes the newest store to the site in November, it has inspired us to take a look at what home style is in store for 2017. We’ve picked out a few of the most sought-after trends taking you into the winter months.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where we meet to talk, eat, relax and plan. You need a kitchen that reflects who you are, does everything you require, and inspires you every day – with a touch of style thrown in, it’s sure to be the favourite spot in your household!

Brass is back – Copper and rose gold have reigned as everybody’s metallics of choice in the home for the past couple of years, but for the new autumn/winter season they are set to be dethroned by a new contender.

Brass looks set to dominate for the remainder of 2017 and is being combined with natural and clean materials such as marble in kitchens and baths to create a cool, industrial aesthetic.

Simple, subtle but striking – create this style by using one main hue and complementing it with graded tones from within that scheme to match the colour composition, you can easily create an elegant tone-on-tone effect by combining painted walls with furniture, accessories and textiles.

Posted: September 10, 2017