ANPR Parking

· The site is monitored during opening hours by ANPR at all times.
· Visitors are able to use the site for 3 hours, staying for longer than 3 hours could result in a parking ticket being issued.
· Visitors cannot park and leave the Crown Point Shopping Park, or they will receive a car parking ticket.
· To park in the disabled bays a valid blue badge must be displayed in your car window.
There are staff only parking areas located to the south and east on the park
Tickets will be issued to customers who park in these locations
The car park is managed by UKPC. Please note that the car park is a separate entity to Crown Point Shopping Park and all appeals should be raised on the UKPC website in the first instance, to open your official appeals process.
The below form is for exceptional circumstances that can be reviewed by the site team at their earliest convenience. Please note there is not a dedicated team at Crown Point Shopping Park to review parking queries and it can take up to 7-days for your enquiry to be dealt with.
If you have received a car parking ticket, which has been incorrectly issued and is not in breach of the above rules, please complete the below form and a member of staff will respond to your query as soon as they are able to.